UCC 2017 Competitors

Anarchy Diesel
Cody Hale

As one of the premier shops for EFI Live tuning for Cummins and Duramax applications, Anarchy Diesel of Riceville, TN has accepted the challenge and will be coming to compete for bragging rights of the second ever Ultimate Callout Challenge. Cody Hale and his crew has a strong knowledge and background with the Cummins power plant, thanks to their in-house dyno and thousands of hours spent tuning and tweaking hundreds of combinations, there is no doubt they’ll bring a dyno smasher that will be more than at the sled pull and drag strip alike. They’re keeping a tight lid on the build, but we can only speculate that a monstrous fuel system will help three massive turbochargers and plenty of nitrous turn the average Common Rail Cummins motor into a true fire breathing nightmare for every other competitor at UCC 2017.

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