UCC 2017 Competitors

Power Driven Diesel
Todd Welch

Hailing from a Cedar City, UT the crew from Power Driven Diesel has made their presence known out west thanks to their crazy triple turbo 12V Cummins monster that has made multiple 1200+ fuel only dyno runs. Owner, Todd Welch says his goals are to prove the old mechanical P-Pump truck can still hold its own against these new common rail injection systems. The massive 16mm injection pump has over 1200cc’s of fuel. Welch’s knowledge of turbocharger systems and how to stage them properly should be an advantage for him when it comes time to dial in all that fuel, as he’s hoping to not need nitrous for any of the events. Thanks to the custom triple turbos and dual water to air intercoolers, the fully built competition motor should have no problem laying the smack down this April.

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