UCC 2017 Competitors

Xtreme Diesel Performance
Anthony Reams

Everyone knows him for piloting the Xtreme Diesel Performance Cummins race truck. This is not just another race track, this is the guy who surpassed the super Street ET and mile per hour record three different times. He also set the NHRDA ET record in super Street and became the first ever 6000 pound super Street truck to run a 8 second quarter mile pass over 156 miles per hour in 2016. Anthony Reams is far from being a novice when it comes to competition. With records set and competitions won, Anthony Reams and the Xtreme Diesel Performance crew will be a team that everybody will be watching.
Sticking to his roots he will be running a full competition 6.7L Cummins power plant. To hold all of this power to the ground, Ream's will be planting all of this on top of a coil over suspension and will be running a stout 47RE transmission with full manual valve body.
There is no doubt that he will be a top contender at the dragstrip, but with an incredible team and some of the smartest guys in the business working on this truck, you can expect great things to happen at the Dyno event. When it come to Sled Pulling Anthony Reams is no stranger. Starting back in 2003, Anthony has been pulling for quite a while and knows what it takes to get that sled down the track.
The only question now is what other records will he be breaking and will they be broken at the ultimate call-out challenge?

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